Armenian Churches Sports Association


 General Information


Starter Teams - Ages:  8-11 coed

Junior Boys     - Ages:   9-14
Senior Boys     - Ages: 15-18
Girls                -  Ages: 11-18
Men                 - Ages: 19 and over
Women            - Ages: 19 and over

ACSA Executive Board 2019 - 2020

Commissioner:    Mr. Aram Gharapetian  -   (APC)
Vice Chairmen:   Mr. Mike Mirakian (Saints Vartanantz)

                             Mr. Steven Dinelaris  ( Holy Martyrs)
Secretary:           Mr. Robert Sarajian  -    ACSA   
Treasurer:           Mrs. Susan Biramian -   
Publicity:             Mr. Edward Barsamian  -  (St. Sarkis)

For Church Representatives, please see " Member Churches "


  1. Games are played in the spirit of competition, sportsmanship, and Christian behavior.

  2. Refrain from rude behavior, foul language, or trash talk.

  3. Enthusiastically encourage your team, Do not demean the opponent.

  4. Don't endanger the safety and comfort of players or fans by physical action or throwing objects.

  5. Accept the decision of the officials with good grace.

  6. Players and Coaches will congratulate their opponent after the game in a spirit of sportsmanship.

  7. Coaches are responsible for their player's actions.

  8. "Quiet Please" during Foul Shots

  9. Only Players and Coaches are allowed in the area of team benches.

  10. Persons obviously and intentionally violating this Code of Behavior will be subject to ejection from the event and may be prohibited from attending future events.

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